Monday, May 21, 2012

Bean Structure Returns

The bean climbing structure is in place for one more year.  It blew over in a storm two years ago and I thought that finished it off.   We put it in place (without checking it too carefully) and expect it can make it one more year.    (It is made from two moveable fence panels the previous owners left here.) 

See photos in this link with the beans in place.  I've gone back to that placement, with it set in two beds and the pathway underneath.  Either way, it is difficult to reach the top of the structure, but it is just more fun with the pathway underneath.  See this link for it placed in one bed with the pathways on each side.  

The peas I started in the garage have sprouted.  They will go in the space between the bean structure and the chives (minus one chive clump).   This week I'll watch for a break in the rain to plant the peas and some assorted seeds.

The furthest row is full of lamb's ear (fuzzy), lemon balm and chamomile (bright green).  Hardly a weed can squeeze in so I'll leave it as is.  The flowers please the bees.  Borage is sprouting everywhere and I found two starts of anise hyssop by the bean structure.

No Petunia sightings yet.     She has lived in this lamb's ear bed in the past.  Now, it is so full she could have moved in and I wouldn't know it.

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Matron said...

I love your bean support, it looked like an old bed frame from a distance. They will just love to climb up and dangle down!