Friday, September 01, 2006

2007 In the Works

Sept 2006: Here's my list to remember for 2007 - just getting started and will keep adding.

July 2007: updates have been added now.

  1. Purple beans called Blauhilde - Allotment 21, - I some sort of purple beans, but I didn't find blauhilde in time.
  2. Job's Tears - seeds for beads - This Garden is Illegal - July 11-they've sprouted!
  3. Tomatoes - Lots of Sungold orange/cherry tomatoes - didn't split even after the rain we finally had in mid Sept. Sungold started from seed and growing now. Soon to have ripe fruit
  4. Tomatoes- Lemon Boy - large & yellow - yes! I have one growing.
  5. Beets -must grow beets! which variety? I love my beets. Wonder if I can plant more now?
  6. Festival squash - Dave's Allotment & others - I have a different squash growing now.
  7. Flowering Sweetpeas - numerous tries resulted in no sprouts. Neighbor with greenhouse says she'll start some for me next year.
  8. Peas- plant early, by St. Patrick's Day at the latest. (spinach, broccoli & lettuce too?) Not sure the early planting of peas did much good. Nice crop this year, but don't think they did much growing in those early days.
  9. Flashy Trout's Back lettuce - It has done well, but did get bitter.
  10. Sunflowers - Italian White - planted!
  11. Brussel sprouts? - have seeds, when to plant?
  12. Carrots - which variety? none planted
  13. Cucumbers - Lemon - growing!
  14. Basil-Spicy Globe - I have it but it isn't growing the same as it did when we lived in AL
  15. Pumpkins - grow Snackjack again - they won't sprout! I'm trying again in some pots on the patio.
  16. Nicotiana -watch for self-seeded seedlings in the spring. I gave up, but now in July see that I do have some self-seeders (almost in the pathway of course).
  17. Marigolds (very nice, single, orange) from old seeds probably Tangerine Gem - some are now blooming. Still my favorite marigold.
  18. Let's maybe not let every volunteer sunflower grow where ever it wants to grow. Keep to the east end of the beds, perhaps. - yes, I have been more careful this year. I"ll have enough, but they shouldn't crowd out the veggies this time.
  19. Expand the herb garden by elminating the grass path next to it. - done! THe wide grass path now is beds with a seating area in the middle. Became a good home for lavender.
  20. Plant a long row of pumpkins and herd the vines out into the pasture - they are starting to need herding now. We'll see how it works.
  21. Plant winter vegetables in the bed furthest from the barn to decrease hours of shade.
  22. Soaker hoses! - July: now in place.

So, maybe lists are a good thing to keep! Many things on here have had results.

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Allotment No 21 said...

They're called blauhilde and are fantastic!