Friday, June 19, 2009

Petunia's Condo

Matron asked where Petunia (aka the garter snake) lives in the garden. She has taken up residence under this board at the end of one of the garden rows. I suspect is it warmed by the afternoon sun and nicely compensates for the cool evenings. She'll let me look in on her maybe once an evening, but otherwise likes her beauty sleep after a busy day of slug eating. I even delayed planting squash one evening, because I didn't want to disturb her after she was all tucked in.

During the garden's first year, Petunia & Herbert moved in under a large piece of board (aka The Grand Estate) which we were using as a weed blocker. Later, we used the large wood for something, and hoped they would accept the practicalities of a nice condo. Why do I have wooden circle? Not really sure. It was in the wood pile when we moved here. They do make nice, movable stepping places in the garden beds.

I'll try to get Petunia to pose for a photo during one of our evening visits. She is in such a sleek outfit this year and I swear her stripes are pale blue and yellow.

The mason bee house has been put in place. And now another housing project has presented itself. Libby raised up a nice Wildlife Stack / Bug Hotel. I can see this being just the use for an assortment of tidbits I have around the barn. I've squashed my share of cabbage worms in the past two weeks, so maybe a Stack for better bugs will make up for all my squishing (satisfaction).


Wing Nut said...

Hmmm... the blog is named for Petunia, but she has a very plain "condo" whereas the mason bees have quite the spiffy condo! I think there is a bit of inequality here.

Matron said...

If you have been having warm weather in WA like we have been having here in London, Petunia must be out and about in the garden quite a bit. Have you ever taken a photo? It is her blog after all!

Karen said...

I love that you know where "your" garter snake lives! I hadn't thought of them has having homes, just slithering around where the day took them. Shows what I know! How cute that she's not really afraid of you anymore. Must know you're friendly and that's wonderful that she helps you with the slugs. Now if only you could train her to eat cabbage worms!! Sorry about your computer, hope it's fixed (or replaced) soon. Good time to be out of the house and in the garden, anyway!

Jean Bradbury said...

I look forward to seeing photos of Petunia. How wonderful to have built a snake home for her.

I also got caught in the marathon traffic on Saturday coming home from the zoo as you did trying to get to SAGBUTT. It's nice to finally get home and have a peaceful garden to lower out blood pressure isn't it.

Petunia's Gardener said...

Petunia has been on vacation for a few days, but she is back home tonight. She must not want to get caught in holiday traffic this weekend, after hearing about that mess last weekend.