Sunday, March 07, 2010

2010 Plant List

The 2010 gardening plan is starting to take shape. Here's the list in progress. I'll be adding notes and making changes as needed. Some new seeds, some old seeds.

In an effort to have a rotation plan, I've assigned numbers to groups of plants that will rotate together (roughly). We will see...

tbd ~ Okra-Star of David ( first time I'll try it here in WA!)
1a~Cucumbers-Marketmore 97, Organic
1a~Tomatoes-Sungold - planted indoors 3/21/10
1a~Tomatoes-Super Marzono - planted indoors 3/21/10
1b~Squash, winter-Delicata, bush
1b~Squash, Patty Pan-Scallop Bush Mix,
1b~Squash, winter-Queensland Blue - from Matron!
1b~Squash, winter-Early Butternut
1b~Pumpkins-Rouge vif d'Etamps Heirloom
1b~Pumpkins-Small Sugar, C.pepo

2~Beans, bush-Roma II
2~Beans, French/Filet-Soleil
2~Beans, pole-Violet Podded Stringless
2~Beans, runner-Scarlet Emperor
2~Onions-Evergreen White Bunching
2~Peas, snap -Sugar Snap - planted 3/21/10, transplanted 4/11
2~Peas, snap -Sugar Sprint - planted 3/21/10, transplanted 4/11

3~Radish-Easter Egg
3~Radish-Gourmet Blend
3, 4~Lettuce-Romaine Crisp Mint, organic
3, 4~Lettuce-Butterhead Speckles, organic

4~Carrots-Jeanette F1 Hybrid Organic
4~Carrots-Mokum Hybrid
4~Chard, Swiss-Bright Lights
4~Chard, Swiss-Perpetual Swiss Chard
4~Fennel-Perfection, organic
3, 4~Lettuce-Romaine Crisp Mint, organic
3, 4~Lettuce-Butterhead Speckles, organic

Some of the flowers, herbs, etc. also in the garden:
~Alyssum-Snow Cloth/Carpet of Snow; Wonderland Mulberry Mix
~Anise Hyssop - new growth in early March
~Bergamot-Bee balm
~Catnip- new growth visible in March
~Chamomile-Matricaria recutita, German Chamomile
~Coreopsis-Tinctoria Mixture
~Cosmos-Red crest
~Echinacea-Purple cone flower
~Echinacea-Tomato Soup (new)
~Echinacea-Flame Thrower (new)
~Feverfew - new growth visible in early March
~Lavender-Munstead (lavendula angustifolia)
~Lemon Balm - visible in garden in mid March
~Marigolds-Mr. Majestic
~Marigolds-tall orange (saved seeds)
~Nasturtium-Tip Top Alaska
~Nicotiana-Only the Lonely
~Poppy, yellow-
~Rudbeckia Hirta-Black-eyed Susan
~Rudbeckia Hirta-Prairie Sun (new)
~Rudbeckia Hirta-Cherry Brandy (new)
~Sunflower-Italian White


Safi Crafts said...

Paula I'm exausted!

Gardener On Sherlock Street said...

You have one of the best organized garden blogs I've seen! It's so easy to get info on any topic you've covered. Love your lists!!! I'll be back.

Jeanne said...

Wow you are ambitious! Jeanne

Couch Grass said...
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wellrooted said...

Great list, Mines as long as your arm too! I have no idea why i am growing four typres of gourd this year!