Thursday, February 22, 2007

2007 Vegetable & Friends List

This list includes the vegetables and other plants I will be growing this year. I hope to get it in a better format, but this will do for now. I'm tracking it in an Excel file with sowing/growing information. Some of the seeds are left from last year and some were just received today. A few flowers and herbs are listed, but most herbs already in the garden are not on this list.

  1. Alyssum
  2. Anise Hyssop
  3. Bachelors buttons-self seeded
  4. Basil-Spicy Globe Basil
  5. Beans, bush-Romano Gold
  6. Beans, French/Filet-Cupidon
  7. Beans, pole-Helda
  8. Beans, pole-Violet Podded Stringless
  9. Beans, runner-Scarlet Emperor
  10. Beet-Kestrel
  11. Borage-self seeded
  12. Broccoli-Hybrid Blend w/ Southern comet, Everest, Small Miracle and Packman.
  13. Brussels Sprouts-Bubbles
  14. Carrots-Jeanette F1 Hybrid Organic
  15. Coreopsis-Tinctoria Mixture
  16. Cucumbers-Lemon
  17. Echinacea-Purple (in the garden already)
  18. Fennel-Perfection, organic
  19. Four O'Clocks-Tea Time
  20. Garlic-California Garlic (?), planted Feb 10
  21. Garlic-Elephant Garlic, planted Feb 10
  22. Lettuce-London Springs Mix: Red Sails, Flashy Trout's Back, Outredgeous, Hyper Red Rumple, Capistrano
  23. Lettuce-Super Gourmet Salad Blend: Slobolt, Buttercrunch, Red Sails, Salad Bowl, Valmaine
  24. Marigolds-Mr. Majestic & other self seeded
  25. Nicotiana-Only the Lonely self seeded?
  26. Oriental Poppy-Papaver orientale "Karine"
  27. Parsnip-Harris Model
  28. Peas, snap -Cascadia
  29. Peas, snow-Oregon Sugar Pod II
  30. Pumpkins-Rouge vif d'Etamps Heirloom
  31. Pumpkins-Snackjack
  32. Radish-Easter Egg II
  33. Rudbeckia Hirta-Black-eyed Susan (in the garden already)
  34. Spinach-Olympia
  35. Squash, winter-Delicata
  36. Squash, zucchini-Romulus PM
  37. Sunflower-Infrared mix
  38. Sunflower-Italian White
  39. Sunflower-Sorya
  40. Sunflower-Sunseed
  41. Sweet Peas-Garden Orchids, perennial sweet peas
  42. Sweet Peas-Jewels of Albion, antique sweet peas
  43. Swiss chard-Bright Lights
  44. Tomatoes-Lemon Boy (to buy plant)
  45. Tomatoes-Sungold (seeds)
  46. Tomatoes-Sweet Million (to buy plant)


emmie johnson said...

Interesting list. Good luck with them.
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Carol said...

Quite a list. I also use Excel to keep track of my seeds!

Scarecrow said...

Lots on that list!
Hope they all grow well for you. :)