Thursday, April 30, 2009

In Ground

On April 19th, I was heading out of town again. But not before a little nighttime gardening on April 18th! Actually, we started before dark. The pea seedlings are along the gate trellis, left side of the photo. Broccoli, lettuce, chard and Brussels sprouts are planted around or under the window cloches.

They haven't all been eaten by slugs yet.

And here are the garden orbs! Some photos had them. Others didn't! What do you find in your garden at night?

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Sounds like it will be rain for Easter Sunday. The sun earlier in the week helped produce some blooming trees, but many spring flowers still have some catch-up to do.

I'm really enjoying inside flowers instead! My colleagues surprised me with a work anniversary lunch on Friday and these flowers were part of the treat. So sweet!

Hope you have a sunny day, whether it is inside or outside.
Happy Easter!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Under Construction (almost)

Along with some other treasures (oops-haven't posted those photos yet), we have repurposed some wood beams for a little garden project. Just trying to find the right (level) spot. So what do you think it will be?

If you don't recognize it, this is the pumpkin patch space. You can see last year's remains of burlap bags & leaves covering the bed. Last Sept, the pumpkin patch looked like this. Maybe some day we'll have another 80+pounder like this guy.

FYI-the brown & white wood structure landed in the corner after being moved in early winter. It is a compost bin that was overtaken by a tree in its original place. There are boards that drop down across the open front. With the winter we've had, we haven't done anything with it yet, and I've not yet decided if it will stay there.

Hummingbird updates: Noticed a Rufous Hummingbird today. I bet she (photo on the right in the link) was wishing she was still back in Mexico for another month. This Birdweb page has more WA specific information on them (& other birds). We continue to see the Anna's Hummingbird, also.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Eat (Plant) Your Greens

Not to worry. There is another refrigerator that actually has food.

Two dozen Douglas fir and red cedars, now planted in our hillside pasture (after lots of trips and down that hill, yesterday).

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Geocaching Uncovered

Geocaching mascot, Signal, at the Pacific Science Center for the opening day of GPS Adventures.
See this link for more official information about the exhibit/maze now open through May 3rd.

Sure, the maze covers the important technology behind GPS and the roles it plays in our lives (i.e. not just driving instructions), but it is also about Geocaching!

Don't worry. You can find the Pacific Science Center on most maps, without relying on the coordinates.
This is an overview of the maze with past, present & future possible uses of GPS technology, overlaid with assorted elements of geocaching. Fortunately, there were some kids in there with us who could show us how to reset the doors so we could enter our codes. Otherwise, we might still be in there. Just missed the bundled up little boy, dodging water during the changing fountain routines.

Outside McCaw Hall. I love the trees in the background, but forgot to get a closer look when we returned this way. See the wet pavement? It is more than just the rain that day. It is a sheet of water that runs from the benches to the drain on the left side. The temptation to splash through some of the water is more tempting than most can resist. Plus, it has a nice running water sound to it.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Costa Rica #3 - Inspired Clippings

What do you do if you have a park of sculpture hidden inside the cypress bushes?

Help it out, of course!

Since the 1960's, gardener Evangelisto Blanco has been the gardener at this city park in Zarcero. No money for stone to carve? Make the most of your day job!

These arches are quite large and wandering around in them feels like being in another world.

We just happened to drive through this town and I had to check it out. There was a wedding in the works up at the church. And plenty of people enjoying the park and the flowers throughout it.

Click on the label "Exc-Costa Rica", below, to see other parts of the excursion.