Sunday, August 05, 2018

Garden Today

If you have rocks, stack them!
...and other 2018 new garden views.

Flashback Sunflower

Trying out a blog post from phone.  Do you blog by phone  successfully ?  This really isn’t working well right now!

Tuesday, July 03, 2018

New Garden Beds

These 2018 garden beds are in the old pumpkin patch adjacent to the main garden. Later this year, we may add similar beds in the area that had been the main garden in the past. 

I am really liking having the defined edges and the ability to level the soil within the bed.  Lots and lots of rocks have come out of the four beds!  They are all planted now, except one corner which will get sunflower seeds planted soon.

2018 Vegetables & Friends List

Finally, a garden again and four new garden boxes for it.

Neighbors gifted these gourd and pumpkin seedlings which motivated me to grow again:
Pumpkin - Rouge Vif d'Etampes
Pumpkin - small decorative
Gourd 1 - yellow w/green & orange stripes
Gourd 2 - orange knobby
Gourd 3 - yellow with orange stripes, hooked neck
Gourd 5 - small orange round pumpkin

Other additions:
Butternut squash (82 days)
Swiss Chard - Bright Lights
Lettuce- Bibb Butterhead
Lettuce - Red Sails
Tomato - Cupid Grape   69-80 days
Radish -   (seeds)
Radish -   (seeds)

Marigold Durango Bolero
Salvia Strata blue
Salvia Lady in Red
Marigold seeds
Sunflower seeds
Cosmos seeds
Calendula seeds

Purpurescens Sage (prune to 6" in early spring) fragrant and cooking