Sunday, April 22, 2007

Sweet Beets

Last week, I noticed cute little clusters of beet seedlings sprouting up along their rows. I can hardy wait for them. (See this post for DH & Nikko's thoughts about beets.)

I had read that beet seeds are actually little seedballs with two to six individual seeds. When I planted them, I looked and thought perhaps these were already broken apart as I couldn't tell that they were clusters. The proof is in the sprouts though! The dreaded thinning will be needed soon.
We've had rather nice weekend weather. A little more of an outside project than I had time for, but the weather called for it! I will be aching tomorrow and will post about it later in the week.

Then, tonight, I locked myself out of the house while DH was running an errand. ... but it gave me a chance to hear the owls hooting because, otherwise, I wouldn't have been wondering around outside at dark-thirty!


RUTH said...

And don't forget to pop the thinnings in your salad. Very tasty.

Mark said...

Hi Paula, Let me know how you got on with the drought buster.
I am new to this blogging and i like the way you have your key words down the right hand side , how do you do that? I have also linked to your blog.
Cheers Mark

A wildlife gardener said...

Great to see those seedlings coming through...yum yumm soon...

talj said...

Oh they look so pretty!! Sorry to hear you got locked out :o(

Anita said...

Yes, isn't it great to see everything sprouting in the garden?

I should take some photos of my seedling, too!

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Ah, you are a girl after me own heart! Love those seedlings and all though thinning out is not the best of jobs, these you can eat. Enjoy!

BTW How on earth did you get locked out from your own house?

Petunia's Gardener said...

Thanks for cheering these little ones on! I don't think I've eaten beet greens in my salad, but I plan to now. I'll let them get a little larger, but not so much to crowd the roots.

Mark, the label list can be added through the layout option, just like adding other sections to your right col. let me know if you still don't see it.

Yes, our house has these door locks that can be tricky, and then the garage door shuts very easily. I had already locked the doors, then decided to step outside. The handle doesn't unlock when you open it from inside so when the door shut, it was locked! We keep planning to replace some with key only locks, but just haven't gotten to it on the list! At least I wasn't in my PJs like I was once at a prior house!

Mark said...

Hi Paula,

Found it , thanks.

Cheers Mark