Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mason Bees - Class of 2010

Thanks to my neighbor, I have a starter block with nested mason bees! She saw my post about the Garden Tour and the bee attraction. They have been housing bees for years and placed out some starter blocks for the nesting bees. A good way to share them with others.

I realized it was just the right size to fit in a bird box we had that was really the wrong size for any birds we're likely to get. DH took the front off of the box, and it will be a perfect fit.

Plus, DH cut and drilled more blocks to fill up the house (along with the nest-filled block) and extras. Think we'll add the shingles to the top of the little house and then use others to make a little roof for a condo of the extra blocks. We'll hang them in two different areas to see if we might still attract a few more nesters this year.

The drilled hole are 5/16 inch diameter and about 3 inches deep. We used untreated 2x4 boards we had in our misc. wood collection. We'll hang them where they are a little protected from the weather and have a morning sun exposure, but not the strong afternoon sun.

Thanks for sharing, Neighbor!


Jharmon said...

You are very welcome, and what a cute condo building for your bees!
Joe and Jeanne

Karen said...

Very nice of neighbor and DH, you are a lucky gal. :) Hope the condo-dwellers move in, I'm sure in this economy they will be happy for a rent-free space.

Wing Nut said...

I think the mason bees will be quite happy in this lovely home-made condo!