Saturday, March 14, 2009

Plant Progress

Molly - Look what your black willow cuttings are doing! Do those little white roots mean I could have my own shrub?

Most of the the Sungold tomato seeds planted last Sunday sprouted by Wednesday. The rest by Thursday or Friday. I think every seed planted did sprout. Not bad for 2007 seeds.

Being warmth lovers, I start them in the "oven" under my kitchen sink, but must be sure to move them to light when they sprout. Some of the tomatoes stayed in the oven longer and are now leggy. Hopefully, they'll work it all out.

Just today, however, I witnessed my indoor garden pest in action. Maria edited out one of the tomatoes in the pot. I should be thankful. It is so hard sometimes to thin the crop. Instead, I'll try to divide the seedlings which probably stresses them. I didn't expect them all to sprout so I planted 2 or 3 seeds per pot. Matron's post reminds me that I must plant peas asap!


Matron said...

I did a post last year about making your own hormone rooting formula just like that! Just allow willow cuttings to sit in a jar of water.

Karen said...

I want to know too, since some of mine rooted as well! I read there might be a difference between the males (darker black/red flowering) and the females. I wonder if you need at least one of each for them to "breed" in the garden? Let's ask Molly on Saturday for any hints she can offer!

Molly said...

Oh, yes. Plant your willow cuttings in 1 gallon pots and keep them moist through the summer and you should have your very own black pussy willow shrubs. Some of last year's cuttings that I potted up even had catkins this year. It's funny to think that I have only ever seen a black pussy willow once in my lifetime (and I snatched it up). Now they should be all over this area, considering how many SAGBUTTs started cuttings.