Saturday, February 14, 2009

Bloom Day February

After a bloom discouraging January, I found some blooms (...and near blooms) to post this month. Visit May Dreams Gardens to find other Feb. 15th bloom day garden bloggers.

The heather in the bright sunlight caught the attention of me, and a huge bumblebee.

I added some forsythia twigs to the black pussy willow twigs Molly shared at the Feb. 7th SAGBUTT meeting. There wasn't a bud on them, but the flowers popped out after some days in the house. I wonder if the pussy willow will sprout some roots in the vase (I hope, I hope).

Unlike last year, there are no open snowdrops yet. This one is the closest to opening.

When I first saw this plant, I thought it was a pussy willow. Then I learned it was a star magnolia. A few months later, it became one of my favorite plants! Here is an April preview.


Cameron said...

It's Cinema4D. A 3D modeling application.

I'm a visual effects artist (and student).

I was wondering if you had any experience with Moss Roses?

My girlfriend was so generous to give me a bunch of little and big pots she found around the basement and I got some of these so I could grow them in them. But the seeds are SOO small.

If you haven't worked with them, they're like pepper. Not pepper seeds, but ground pepper. Except smaller.

I started some germinating, I wonder how they'll look if they sprout.

And if I try some the typical way (just put them in some dirt and wait) I wonder how I'll keep track of them O_o

Petunia's Gardener said...

Cameron, Nice present & girlfriend! It has been a long time since I grew moss roses, and I don't remember growing them from seed. I do remember the seeds they produce after they flower. The seed pod would then open up and the tiny seeds would fall out everywhere. I'll watch your blog to see what the seedlings look like. And, watch for any garden modeling you might try out!

joco said...

The M. stellata?
That is something to look forward to. Not splendid as yet;
BTW, was it you that stopped by my bloomday post?

Carol said...

I like the heather, and always forget about what a nice early blooming plant it is. I should find some that would be hardy in my garden.

Thanks for joining in!
Carol, May Dreams Gardens

Gail said...

I do love that fur covered bud...then it opes to such loveliness~
Each February I experience the same snowdrop envy and here it is again! They are the best!


gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

Your forsythia is very pretty. They are getting ready to open around here, I love to force some, but they are on my neighbors shrub so I guess I should ask first :)

Matron said...

That poor little beeblebum! He's out much too early.. hope he doesn't catch cold. Perhaps he'll find a nice sheltered spot to rest up somewhere in your garden.

Dreamybee said...

My perspective was all off-it took me a minute to see the bumble bee on the heather. I saw the flowers and immediately thought it was something big like foxglove. So, when I finally saw the bee, I thought it was the size of a squirrel! LOL.

Wow, what a great surprise to go from a "pussy willow" to a star magnolia! Can't wait to see those open up!

Karen said...

I forgot about the heathers! Mine are all boring white, I like your pink one much better. I'd love to see them massed on a moor someday, if I ever get to Yorkshire. :) Love magnolia stellata, always wished for one, another one for the list! Happy Bloom Day.

Dee/reddirtrambings said...

I wish we could grow Heathers here. It just doesn't work well. Too cold some years and not acidic enough. I love star magnolias. I have a Jane magnolia myself. Nice to see your blog.~~Dee

healingmagichands said...

No heathers here either, they get baked to death in the hot August Ozarks sun. I loved having them when I lived in Washington state, though.

Nice garden. Nice post.

Gardeness said...

Ha! I have so many photos of my Heath, too. The star magnolia is gorgeous. Bet you can't wait for that to bloom!

Petunia's Gardener said...

Wow! get caught up in life following a GBBD and what a nice surprise! Thanks for visiting, everyone. I look forward to blogging time to see what you have posted. - Paula