Thursday, April 10, 2008

Now in the Oven...

During our on again, off again rainy Sunday, I was able to plant some more tomato seeds and put them in the "oven" to sprout. These are Ilidi tomatoes, and the best kind: shared by another gardener! Thanks for sharing, Matron! I can see we'll be doing some fine garden grazing this year. These are the type that don't always make it into the house.

The "oven" is under my kitchen sink. There is a heat vent that runs underneath and it warms up this space. It keeps the temperature a little closer to what germinating tomatoes prefer. But, seedlings don't like to sit in the dark, so I must check it every day.

Sure enough, today, I had 2 wee seedlings poking up in one pot. So exciting!


Diana said...

That's great - keep us posted on your progress. I struggle with seeds but I keep beating my head against the wall. Good luck!

Paula said...

The garden grazing doesn't sound like such a bad idea! Especially on that cute little bench you've got. Wonder if you'll have furry garden grazers again this year? Hope not. :)