Monday, December 15, 2008

December Garden Update & Visitors

Saturday and Sunday brought snow and very cold temperatures. It also brought me a throat infection, so I didn't even look outside much until today, and then only briefly.

We have still been seeing a hummingbird on a regular basis. Anna's Hummingbirds are known to winter over in our area, though we've never noticed one. They eat bugs and sap, supplemented by feeders if they are around. DH stepped out late last night to bring the feeder inside so it wouldn't freeze. Then he noticed he had a rider! A very fluffed up bird was sitting on the feeder. It hardly moved at all. He set the feeder in the garage and and we left on a light. This morning, the bird was sitting on a suit case on a shelf by the light.

Before long, we saw another hummingbird outside. The day isn't very warm, but the sun is out so we opened the garage door. After flying around some, he finally flew out the door. We had an early visitor in March one year, but haven't noticed any this time of year before.

Chilled chard.


Libby said...

Awww! poor little birdie, would have got all frozen had you not brought it inside,(by accident or design)at least you have a garage, not sure what we would have done??
Love the snow pics!

Matron said...

I had always assumed that hummingbirds were only tropical birds. If you put enough sugar in the syrup for them, it might not freeze? What do you feed them?

Weed Whackin' Wenches said...

Brrrr. Looks like you got lots more snow than we did. Just a dusting here--but with these hills it's pretty trecherous. We've had a pair of hummers in our hillside garden the last few years and they seem to overwinter. Not sure what they eat as we don't put out a feeder. I was wondering how they are doing with this cold spell. Glad yours are hanging in there.

Petunia's Gardener said...

Well, it started melting yesterday, but now we have even more snow. Pretty flakes, and most of us of given up going anywhere for a while. Remote access to our work is quite handy (& easy nowadays).

The hummingbirds get simply a 1 to 4 ratio of sugar to boiling water. (1/4 cup sugar stirred into a cup of water.) Let it cool before putting out. We've been making a cup at a time, and put out a half a cup. We keep the other half in the fridge for a few days to replace the old as needed.

Keep warm & safe, everyone!