Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A Lavender Surprise

After picking dinner tonight I went out for just one more thing to throw in. That's when I noticed that every lavender plant in the garden was blooming and, of course, just had to pick a few stalks.

I wasn't hoping for much in the way of blooms this year as I had moved most of the plants around in May. A few of the plants came from our visit to the lavender farms last July. See POST 1 and POST 2 to see more about these excursions. Several of the plants came from Munstead seeds I started last year. They sprouted and grew very nicely, but someone told me that seed started lavender might not bloom (vs. root or cutting starts). Of course, they are blooming. Some wonder lavender also came from a friend last year.

I'm happy to have lavender anywhere in the garden. Next year (or two) I do hope to have a lavender bed all along the west side of the garden.

So now where is that "scratch & sniff" feature on blogger?


RUTH said...

Oh scratch and sniff would be wonderful...if only. I've some lovely roses you could come and enjoy...maybe even the smell of freshly roasted coffee.

meresy_g said...

What pretty lavender. Mine never gets that tall, I think it would like a little more sun. And the bean eater is probably a groundhog or rabbit. They have the annoying habit of just taking a bite of the most important part of a plant.

Carol said...

I think I smell that lavendar! It looks so pretty, I bet it does smell quite nice.