Sunday, July 23, 2006

A Lavender Excursion

Earlier this month, we took an excursion to Sequim WA to visit a few lavender farms and do some geocaching (or as I like to say, garden tours by GPS). We took out the boat and a few hundred of our closest friends and headed off across Puget Sound from Seattle. Just kidding, of course. We took a Washington State Ferry, like the one below, coming from our destination.It was a bright, sunny day and I didn't well capture the colors, warmth and aromas of the day with the lavender, herbs and sea air. And ooh, the bee activity of course! Your gardener's imagination will have to take it from here... Self-pick bundles were $5 and one owner sent me back out to better fill out my bundle. I also returned with dreams of the herb, lavender and flower beds as seen around the farms and some lavender plants of course. And isn't this a great new life for old windows! There are build-in benches on both sides of the windows. Something to think about beyond coldframes.
Part two will be the next post.


Rurality said...

Oh wow, you are really making me want to take a trip out west! :)

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Blackberry Gardener said...

Just gorgeous! What a fun trip!