Friday, January 19, 2007

Fields of Flowers

I think I've seen this from a plane.

This is the other silk piece I am posting for Anita. It is a quilt top and it isn't from family. I found it at my favorite 2nd hand store and felt honored to give it a home on my library wall. You can see 4 complete squares in the middle of the picture. There are 20 of those squares in total and each is about 17 inches by 17 inches.
Unlike my other piece, this has the same stitches throughout, just in different colors. You can tell by some of the shapes and designs (see the top picture) that ties were definitely a fabric source. And any other silk scrap found, I suspect. The silk is sewn onto squares of old cotton fabric and then the squares where sewn together. It does not have a quilt back and the edges are unfinished. I turn them under and the bottom hangs behind the couch back.
"From the last winter hat mother wore 1902-1903"
This was pinned onto one piece of fabric.

My grandmother would often do a coordinated quilt top design and then a crazy quilt back from all sorts of cotton scraps. As a child, I loved looking at all of the fabrics she used, some I recognized as matching clothes she'd made. I have the quilt she made me when I was very young. Hmmm.... more winter posting ideas.


RUTH said...

So ,much history can go into a quilt. Much fun remembering Nan's favourite apron or babiy's first party dress.

Anita said...

Another wonderfull piece of art! Thank you so much, Paula! Oh, your Americans are very talented and skilled! I LOVE that 2nd hand store piece, too! And yes please, you NEED to post your grandmother's quilt!

BTW, I finished heart #8 yesterday evening and started #9 as well. I guess it has become a kind of obsession for me, but I LOVE it! It's so much fun and it's much better than watching TV!

LostRoses said...

I'm amazed you found this at a second-hand store and the note was still on it! Very poignant, and very pretty.

Allotment Lady said...

Mind blowing and to find in a second hand store - so envious - what works of art.

lilymarlene said...

Crazy patchwork is one of my is so hard to do right like this is!