Sunday, September 10, 2006

Hillside Developments: The Acquisition

Continued from Hillside Developments (or how it began).

Scene: After breakfast. Labor Day Sale at the Meeker Street Emporium (Union Gospel Mission's thrift store), a block down from Maggie's. Inspired by The Empress of Dirt, PG looks for an interesting cup & saucer, or other unique finds, etc. DH looks for geocaching containers or loot. (The Emporium was the source of PG's favorite weeding tool also.)

DH: "Did you see the chairs in the back?"
PG: "No. Chairs for what?"
DH: "The hill! There's even a little table." Starting to look hopeful, leads PG to the chairs.
PG: "Hmmm..." sitting down. "We could put a cup & saucer bird bath on the table. And half price today - total under $4 for all 3 pieces. This could work..."
DH: "Let's get 'em." To himself... Yessss!

DH's amazing luck once again changed lugging lumber, logs and stones up the hill to build a bench into something with no assembly required.
Next: The Installation.

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