Saturday, May 27, 2006

Geocaching (i.e. Garden Tours by GPS)

My dear husband (DH) decided one new hobby (blogging) deserves another. He has discovered Geocaching. The garden wouldn't get attention in the rain today, so we agreed to spend some time in our respective offices as long as we'd leave in time to hunt for a few geocaches in the Seattle area. Here, he is heading toward his first find in early April. (Note, trampling sensitive areas is discouraged and he isn't going far off the trail here.)

Read more in the link above, but basically you use a Global Positioning System (GPS) unit to find a hidden cache based on its coordinates (gets close but not all the way). There are also these tags called Travel Bugs cachers attach to odd little items and these travel bugs are tracked on the web site. Those are the things the DH likes to pick up and drop off. Having just returned from a trip back east, he'd picked up a few to introduce to local caches.

The great things is these caches are often in places we've never been. And they often along trails, in parks or other outside public places (there are a lot of these places in this area). My DH now gets his bike out regularly to to check a cache he has placed along a trail near our house. We went to one in the Leschi Park area in Seattle today. Not knowing quite where the cache is leads to a bit of hiking around and, today, many stairs.

So not only does this pull in a little exercise, it actually involves about 75% garden touring! (Shhh! Don't tell DH.) We've found little hidden away places often with a lot of natural vegetation, gardens or in interesting neighborhoods. The Leschi Park and surrounding neighborhood were fun to see today (but no camera along). The plants are a little a head of those at our house as the city temps seem to be a little higher even though only 20 miles away.


Hanna in Cleveland said...

Oh... you mentioned geocaching over at my blog and I had to scurry right on over here to see your post. I have wanted to go geocaching for 3 years now, and I have not yet done it yet.

You rock! That is so cool. Thanks for sharing

Justin said...

Ahh yes. Using a billion dollars of military technology to find tupperware in the woods.

I'm at 73 finds in the Atlanta, GA and Columbia, SC areas. It's been a wonderful experience and an excellent way of getting exercise.

Petunia's Gardener said...

Hanna, I should have known geocaching would be of interest - illegal gardens, guerrilla gardening & all.

Justin, I love that definition of geocaching. Hey - after all- we paid for it!

Mary said...

I have a handheld GPS and have been dying to try geocaching, but can't get anyone else I know interested in going. I need to find me a husband who wants to do that type of thing! ;-)