Saturday, September 09, 2006

Hillside Developments

Scene: Breakfast at Maggie's Diner, Labor Day 2006

Petunia's Gardener (PG): "Honey?"
Dear Husband (DH): "Yes...?" with a look of slight dread coming over his face (he has known PG for many years).
PG: "Let's put a bench up on the hill today, like we've been talking about."
DH: "Umgh..." realizing resistance would not help at this point.
PG: "We could use those big logs and 2x6's or 4x4's we have. Or those cement blocks. Just any sort of bench for now..."
DH: "You can carry that stuff up that hill then."
PG: "...and weed-eat a path, now while the grass is dry & somewhat flatten."
DH: "Are you going to eat that sausage?" (attempting the sometimes successful distraction defense play).

To be continued...


Allotment Lady said...

I an sure a fluttering of eyelashes and a fantastic pudding will win him over.

Anonymous said...

hehehe, oh i know this scenario so well . . .however . . .i finally got help building my potting bench!
I'll post a pix soon.

clodhopper said...

Or otherwise……..

(PG): ‘Honey’?
(DH): Dirty Harry (menacing snarl and grimace) ‘Listen Punk, you feel lucky? Go ahead….make my day’
PG: ‘Let’s build a bench on the hill today’?
(DH): Pulls magnum 44 and fells a tree which lands neatly across two stumps to form a bench. Nonchalantly puffs smoke from barrel and re-loads. ‘What weeds, where’?
(PG): ‘Have another sausage – quick’

Petunia's Gardener said...

Hey, Clodhopper, how did you know what really happened? The neighbors are still complaining about the weed splatterings on their windows!

Anonymous said...

Oh Cute! I love your style of writing. I am there with you!

Oh! I see I already posted something some time ago. Hmmm, "old tymers" i hope not!