Thursday, April 20, 2006

Cold frame update

Here is what's in the cold frame now. The seedlings are marigolds and lavender that were in starter trays in the house and have been transplanted into larger pots until time to go in the garden. The geranium starts will go into various containers outside soon and then some other seedlings will take their place. The cold frame doesn't hold in a lot of heat, but protects the plants from the wind and frosts. It is in the sun most of the day.


clodhopper said...

love that coldframe....very elegant. What did you use to make the base?

Petunia's Gardener said...

It's the base of a shower we had replaced in our former house. I kept it because I thought it would be good for something and had it stashed behind the barn. Forgot all about it until I went out to try to figure out how to make the cold frame. Has a handy hole in it for drainage even. The windows fit by accident.

Unknown said...

You didn't take long to fill those lovley cold frames did you?

They look spectacular - can't wait to see your garden in summer