Sunday, May 21, 2006

Rainy day salad

Tomatoes either needed potted or put in the ground, so they're now in the ground. Wrapped the bottom of the cages with plastic to block the cool wind. It does feel warmer inside (2 more in a bed not shown). May not be ideal for them, but easier for me!

Above left is 1 of the 4 vegetable beds (each about 22 ft x 4 ft), broccoli, spinach, lettuce, peas, radishes, tomatoes, flowers & herbs and still some open spots. I'll plant more lettuce and fill in where I widened the bed. There is a large volunteer foxglove in the middle. The picture on the right above is the herb bed. The chives moved with me from AL many chive generations ago! (Links to earlier views of these beds & the widening project this year and last June.)

No Petunia sightings anywhere yet. You can see I've been using her "condo" as a stepping board (above left) - but I do check underneath it first!

The broccoli and spinach grew a LOT during some nice weather these past two weeks. I haven't had it grow like this before (in a prior & more shaded garden). I thought I was smart planting the lettuce in the large spaces between but now it is a little too sheltered! It's cute all tucked in though and seems happy enough. I tried to prepare the 2 beds that will host the beans today, but only got about 3/4 of one bed before the rain started. Harvested an assortment in between rains and now I'm off to have a salad dinner & probably lunch tomorrow.


Leslie said...

a picture's worth a thousand words. I see now the arrangement for the tomatoes. brilliant !

Blackberry Gardener said...

Looks great PG!