Saturday, April 29, 2006

Garden preparation update

On Thursday, I measured out two new beds. I'm also widening the two beds from last year. On Friday evening, my DH rototilled the new beds. Today, I finished digging & widening the two existing beds before it started raining. (Here is a link to the garden in spring 2005.)Above, you can see the coffee bag pathways (taken on Thursday). (Link to more about coffee bags.) Each of the 4 beds are 4 feet wide with 2 feet pathways. They are about 22 feet long. The herb bed is also in this area, but not shown in the picture. The silver metal poles just happen to be 4 feet long so I was just using them for spacing.

Existing bed (above left picture, taken today)-with mystery flowers and irises on the end, in the middle are some rudbeckia and gaillardia I worked around. I covered part of the row after digging until I have a chance to mulch it. New beds are left of this bed.
The other existing bed (above, right) after widening and digging. I worked round the peas, broccoli, spinach, lettuce and parsley in this row. Thyme (golden, maybe) at the bottom of the picture.

Above, left picture is the herb row. At the bottom of the picture is the metal catnip guard/protector created by running over a tomato cage with the riding lawn mower. The above, right picture is another shot of the existing bed with peas, etc. Between these two beds is about 6 feet of grass. This summer I plan to remove the grass and extend the herb/perennial bed. Another fine crop of rocks!


Sigrun said...

Ways with coffeebags! Interesting! My garden is so wet, maybe I can do the same.


Petunia's Gardener said...

It was in my visit the p-patch I saw burlap coffee bags used as mulch. (see excursion: P-patch 2 post. They will deteriate eventually. The cat thinks it is nice to have carpeted walkways. Keeps her feet drier than walking in grass.

Mutha said...

My crop of rocks is the only thing that rivals your garden input or output!
Central Massachusetts is finally coming alive again though. And an update on the daffodils we planted around our lawn to ward off moles: PERFECT! I suggest it to anyone.

RUTH said...

I'm sure that rocks and stones breed underground! I've been trying coffee grounds to deter slugs; not 100% successful but it's a good soil improver.