Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Remember Petunia?

No sign of Petunia yet, but just like everywhere else in the area, her property has been subdivided! Her grand estate board last year has been replaced by two circular condos and a square cabin (probably each a little large than 12 inches across). Much easier to check under and garden around, but will she find them acceptable? Perhaps with a little paint and her name in gold letters...

Now I'm waiting for frogs in the pond and Petunia in the garden. At least about 20 snap peas are poking above the soil (planted Mar 19), as well as some radish seeds given to us years ago.

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Paula said...

So exciting! I have chamommile, sweet pea's, swiss chard and red leaf lettuce sprouts. It is so fun to check their progress everyday. It's amazing that your old seeds are doing so well(: