Saturday, March 18, 2006

The first year - part 2

Here is more catch-up on the garden's progress in its first year. We were eating leaf lettuce and herb salads at this point in early June 2005.
Emily adopted us in June 2005. She keeps us company in the garden and guards the catnip. If only she'd go after the mole(s)!
The pumpkins and zucchini are starting to spread out below. We added peas to our salads and enjoyed watching the bees attack the borage flowers.
Below, you can see the sunflowers growing above the pumpkins. Still no tomatoes, but we had zucchini for the salads.
The first baby pumpkin - July 31, 2005!


Anonymous said...

SO what are you going to plant this year?

How big was the pumpkin?


Petunia's Gardener said...

Thanks for visiting, WB.
There are more pumpkins in the plans for this year (& less zucchini). Keep visiting and you'll see more about that pumpkin!

Mutha said...

About the moles you mentioned above...have you ever tried planting daffodil bulbs around your garden? They are from the onion family which is supposed to freak moles out. It worked for us last year -- we'll see if it holds up again.