Sunday, March 12, 2006

The first year-part 1

After moving to our current location in 2004, this is how the garden space started developing in 2005. It's located in a former alpaca pasture, shown here on a frosty January morning.

In early May, we had these three rows and Petuntia had taken up residence under the 'weed blocking' board in the third row (with an occasional visit from Herbert). By this time, the first row had been planted with herbs and other plants we had brought from our prior house and had temporarily stuck in a rough flower bed after the move.

In the row on the left below... I almost regret giving the zucchini seeds the extra benefit of the old skylight. I thinned them several times and still had too many! Later, the pumpkins and sunflowers will be in this row also. The row on the right has tomatoes, mixed with other things, and lettuce and peas on the far end. You know all that grass around the beds cannot be a good thing! That will be our 2006 project.