Saturday, April 15, 2006

Excursions: P-Patch 2

This is the second p-patch I visited last weekend (here is the link to p-patch 1). It was quite cold & wet so not the best planned photos. This is a newer p-patch and offers a lot to the surrounding community. A park on one side with beautiful native shrubs & trees, a ball court & play area on the other side. Demonstration gardens and a covered place for groups to meet. The windmill keeps water moving though a water feature. Oh yes - garden plots too.

Above, a well grown greens plot that was being picked. I wonder if it had been under a covering earlier. Other plots on all sides of it. Taken from about the same place as the first picture, just turned the other way. You can see tools as volunteers were there tending the shared spaces that day.
This photo is to show my friend J, the new plot owner, stone paths in a plot.
Green coffee bags for mulch / weed barrier until time to plant the bed!

Hmmm... not hard to find in Seattle! Here is my car yesterday. (Now if it will just stop raining long enough to work on the expansion area. Suspect there are more than I can use here too.)

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