Saturday, September 01, 2012

September Garden

The bees have been busy in the garden.
We have three types of tomatoes.  DH is still trying to decide if the chocolate cherry tomatoes from Matron have a chocolate flavor.  They do have a stronger tomato flavor than the sungolds, so it is good to have both.

The chard and lettuce seedlings DH planted while I was in Nevada are now providing greens for the salad.  I'm happy to have pattypan squash again, too.

The beans have filled in the climber (compare to early Aug picture here).  I have lots of beans to pick, eat and freeze.  The bi-colored beans are Rattlesnake climbers.  The large green beans are scarlet runner beans.

The darker green pumpkin is a sugar pie pumpkin.  The other one, above, should be the Queensland Blue pumpkin from Matron.  (See her progress on her giant pumpkin at this link to her 'size matters' post.)

The fun part about growing pumpkins in the main garden, instead of the pumpkin patch, is seeing them take over the garden (well, that's fun no matter where they are growing). This pie pumpkin climbed the fennel plant while I was traveling.   

The delicata squash plants stay more compact.  This squash keeps well for winter use.

 The garden is doing ok considering the lack of rain and gardener attention.


Matron said...

Yes that looks like a Queensland Blue. The straight shoulders are the clue. Just like mine - great to see them growing for you.

Matron said...

I just posted a picture of my baby Queensland Blue - you can compare.