Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Covered Wagon Cloche Returns

Since I came home Saturday with some tomato plants, they needed a home.  I prepared one of the garden beds and moved the cloche frame in.    See these links to part I and part II of the cloche's first days.

Inside the cloche, I planted the tomatoes and mini bell peppers.  Outside of it, I planted broccoli and Flashy Trout's Back romaine lettuce.   Then I put the plastic in place using the clips from Japan.  The photo, above, is before I closed the ends.  

That's a large Oriental poppy seen through the other end.  It's not yet blooming like Alison's

Here it is closed up for the evening.  On hot days, I don't open the ends all the way.  I undo a clip at the top of each end which opens up a "vent" simply due to the way the plastic fits over the frame.

This same frame recovered from this snow damage and here too.  


Alison said...

I have a similar hoophouse covering my tomatoes. Did you add the ridgepole after it sagged from the snow? I added one this year, after it got very saggy. I use woodworking clamps on mine.

Hope you get lots of tomatoes!

Petunia's Gardener said...

Hi Alison - I added the ridgepole for stability. It also keeps the hoops upright and the plastic from sagging between the hoops. Do you have a picture posted of yours?

Things looked good in there today, even after the cold night.