Sunday, May 06, 2012

New Cloche Clips

Molly - I have my own Japanese clips!  These are on the cloche (more on that tomorrow) in place of the clips in this post. 

After seeing Molly's clips when our SAGBUTT garden bloggers group went to her garden on Tiger Mountain (see this link), I asked my Japanese connection about them. 

My friend from Japan mailed me some.   They are clothes pins for hanging laundry on bamboo poles.  I will be able to thank her in person when we attend her wedding later this year.

While my old clips were ok, they were damaging the plastic covering and they were hard to use when wet or cold.  These new clips are very easy to use.   And now I have a whole garden bed planted, including some tomato and pepper plants in the cloche.

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Lottie said...

I have a Japanese daughter in law - living in the UK - I'll have to ask her about these