Monday, October 08, 2007

Covered Wagon Cloche

Remember my tunnel cloche dreams post? Between and during the rain showers this weekend, we gave it a try. I think it has more of a covered wagon look, especially before we added the ridge board. It is 8 feet long by 4 feet wide. We had the wood already and just had to pick up the piping and plastic covering. We also prepared the parts for a 2nd one which would fit in this row too. (note that the bean structure had to come down to make room for this)

In trying to convince the piping it should be more of a U shape than C or O shape, I did stick short pieces of rebar in the ends. Right now, the ends stick through the holes in the wood and into the soil a few inches, but they could be pushed in further as needed. Otherwise, it can be free standing.

Tonight, I leveled the soil, settled the wagon in place and transplanted lettuce, chard and chives. It is supposed to rain tomorrow. Next, I'll attempt the plastic covering. Any great clip ideas to hold the plastic in place? So far, I've seen workable options for a $1 a clip. The cheap ones I found were too small.


Melanie Rimmer said...

I love the covered wagon effect. I think you should put wheels on it, to complete the look.

Angie said...

Your covered wagon is great looking! How about using some of those large black metal paper clips? The ones that hold a books worth of papers? They would be easy to clip the plastic around the piping and remove as needed. I don't know how much they cost though.

Scarecrow said...

This looks great!
I hope I'm not too late with this suggestion...have you thought about using some of the piping.
If you still have some pipe leftover this is free!
If it's not too rigid and able to be cut easily, just cut a piece about 2-3 inches long and split it down the middle. It should fit over the original pipe over the plastic like a clamp.