Sunday, November 02, 2008

Composting in Place

Many of the leaves have yet to fall, but last weekend, we did mow up some leaves and grass to start in-place composting. Each fall, we add the grass catcher to the mower and catch the chopped up leaves and grass for composting.

Last year, we collected it in wire cages (fashioned from misc. fencing we had). This did indeed compost, but was also hard to get out of the cage and a lot of the benefit went under the cages. This year, I planned to place the cages directly in a garden bed. But, then why use the cages? So, we'll pile it up in the beds. Anything left in the spring can be raked aside or used as mulch.
Even done like this, it does warm up inside the pile.

Decided to throw some coffee bags over parts to see if that helps. I think it will let in some moisture, but keep it from being sopping wet all of the time. I hope it encourages wormies to do their thing. They are always present under any coffee bags I use in the garden.


Diana said...

That looks like a great plan, Petunia. We can't do that here - our oak leaves are hard as cardboard and sharp and spiky. It takes them about an eon to decompose! Good luck.

Libbys Blog said...

Fantastic idea, maybe I should try that in my garden. Could do with the coffe bags though! I think they are your secret ingredient!