Monday, September 08, 2008

The New Gateway

or How to Double Your Garden Space in One Hour or Less

Our vegetable/flower/herb garden is in one fenced (formerly Alpaca) pasture and the pumpkin patch uses about 1/3 of another small pasture. Each has gates, but not between them. I rather like the fence, the grass in the fence line and the sense of enclosure they create in the garden. However, this summer, I've been plotting out the opportunities for that second pasture. Saturday afternoon, we took the first step and opened up a passageway in the fence line between the two areas.
Above, the four pumpkin vines have really filled in now. And you can see the new passageway.
Always in favor of a shortcut, Emily found the opening and was soon investigating options for a new catnip bed (if the weather allows other things to grow next year, her 6-foot tall & wide giant catnip will need to move out). It worked out that one of the existing pathways between two of the garden beds leads to the new opening.

The slatted fence on each side? They are old fence sections from a former berry patch at our neighbor's. They are simply hung on the fence with S-hooks. Thanks, Homesteaders!


Connie said...

The fence gives your garden a great country feel...very nice!

Matron said...

I would just LOVE to double my veggie patch in a day!! I just don't ever have enough space. I am green with envy. Planning another trip to WA next Spring, so I may come and inspect it!! xx

Petunia's Gardener said...

Connie - Thanks! I'm glad the fence was there or I'd never have figured out what I wanted. Besides, Petunia and friends like to hang out in the mini hedge row created by the grass along the fence.

Matron - Sure, come inspect! We may have to plan a little NW garden blogger event or something too. Or take you to visit the p-patch / allotments in Seattle if you haven't seen them. Oh, the choices! pencil me in your calendar somewhere and we'll have some garden fun.

Paula said...

Hey, you finally did it!! I love it. Looks cozy and the gates make it very inviting. Is there a greenhouse coming soon?

Petunia's Gardener said...

Hi Paula! Yes, we're working down that list of things to do! I visit the pumpkins all the time now, vs just looking over the fence. We think the greenhouse will be where you end up after walking through this gateway. Then there will be other beds around it. Probably cherry trees or blueberries north of it and the pumpkin patch will stay where it is, south of the greenhouse spot.
Petunia's Paula