Friday, August 31, 2007

Anise Hyssop

The bees have been filling their pollen baskets (that bundle on this bee's leg) from the anise hyssop, as the broccoli blooms are slowing down. The hyssop had been putting out the fluffy colored tips and I thought that was all it did. Then, one day, I noticed the purple flowers and all of the bees.
This year's garden has a lot of yellows, oranges and the lavender/purple from many herb blossoms. Hyssop has been a nice addition this year. Like other herbs, the plants get rather large, but also rather non-fussy. Fresh & dried, the leaves have refreshing mint & anise attributes. I haven't yet tried making tea from it yet, though.

The above photo is the view from the bench looking across all 6 beds, from the calandula and dill combination suggested by Anita, to the sunflowers in the mostly flower bed and then the bean climber with runner and pole beans. Just to the right is the hyssop. So you can see that that some purple helps add variety. A but of a jungle, but I'm enjoying it and I think the bees are also.


Connie said...

Wonderful photos! I used to grow hyssop in my old garden and really enjoyed the flowers and the scent.
What is the name of that sunflower with the orange-ish center?

Anita said...

Oh Paua, your flower bed with calendula, dill and sunflowers looks stunning! ;-)))

Unfortunately, I did not succeed with this combination this year. This summer, everything seems to be different due to the wet weather. My pumpkins are still quite little and there is not a single zuccini so far! ;-((

Best wishes from Germany and happy gardening!


kate said...

Your garden is lovely at this time of year. The hyssop is beautiful - the photograph with the bee is stunning. I love the sunflowers with the calendula and dill.

RUTH said...

I have a lot of this in the garden; I let it seed itself as the bees love it o much. Wonderful photos :o)

this is my patch said...

I love the plant combinations you have used, the last picture I especially love with the citrus of the orange against the acid green of the foliage, it is lovely, something I may attempt to replicate in my garden over her in England next summer, can't wait.

Carol said...

What a beautiful garden to sit and admire from a nearby bench. I like how you started with a close up of the hyssop and then took us a few steps back with each picture.

Carol at May Dreams Gardens

Joan said...

Is that lavender growing beside those beautiful Sunflower? What is the temperature in your country while growing Lavender? Mine in pots.