Thursday, August 10, 2006

Bean Structure Conquered

The pole and runner beans have figured out how to climb these movable fence sections which became the bean structure (here is a link to mid July also.) The pole beans were supposed to grow to 8 feet and they've now flopped back over after passing the 10 foot top of the structure. Runner beans still send off shoots that like to wave around in the air, but I just let them go now. Baby bean are hanging down inside the structure where I'll be able to get to them. Others will be more difficult to reach.Here are some of the flowers that have worked their way in with the vegetables. They do draw in a lot of bees.


Allotment Lady said...

So pretty - all of your garden is just wonderful - thanks for sharing it with us

Salix Tree said...

That's a great picture, of the sunflowers, borage and is it nicotiana? I have never has luck with nicotiana. I bet they smell gorgeous!