Monday, June 12, 2006

Daily Changes

*** Thanks, Neighbor J. Now I know these flowers are Canterbury Bells (aka Cup and Saucer flower). ***
This time of year, there seems to be something new waiting in the garden every day! Could be a seedling, or could be a slugfest, but always something new. I planned to post a picture of this plant and its many buds to see if anyone knew what this would be. Today the first flower has opened. It's a Bellflower (Campanula), right? Neighbor J gave me the seedlings last year (& probably told me what it was). I hope she'll visit to see it in flower. It hung around throughout the winter and has now claimed one end of a garden bed quite happily. Hey, could these have formed in a day? I was out there yesterday, really! You can just see the volunteer pink foxglove behind the peas too. Apparently he really didn't like being under the trees and moved himself to the garden.
No signs of the pumpkins yet! But YES, they went in the ground yesterday. Big ones in this new area and a smaller type pumpkin in the other part of the garden. Probably should work out a cloche, but we'll see. Decided all of the rough parts of this pumpkin bed could be finished later. AND the pole beans & runner beans have now been planted around the bean fence structure.

The bed on the right, above, did get dug and planted with birdhouse gourds yesterday (see last post also). Now that it will be raining for a few days, I'll be planting sunflowers in the bed along the fence as well as anywhere else I can. Oh, what will I do when it quits raining and I have to water? I think the next task is to get the new rainbarrels incorporated into the system...


Anonymous said...

They are Canterbury Bells aka cup and saucer
glad your is blooming, so are mine in yellow, purple and white
"Neighbor J"

Anonymous said...

YIke I can't spell or proofread
should say glad YOURS is blooming
mine are PINK purple and white

Petunia's Gardener said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting! Don't know if you can see the bean fence structure from your place, but with this blog, at least you can find out why we have such a thing sticking up! Love the Canterbury Bells too. They were even still small this spring and they've grown so much.