Sunday, March 26, 2006

New rain barrels!

Suitable for a rainy day posting, here are our new additions. Dear Husband picked them up yesterday from a city sponsored sale. Oh, so exciting! They hold 90 gallons each and, this is great... have a low faucet that can be connected to a hose and a higher one to fill a bucket!! Who knew?!

We also have these that we inherited with the barn. They are the dipping the lid and dip in a water can. Not bad until they get low.

Faucets are a wonderful invention. (Yes, some day we'll put them in the old ones also.) Not sure where the new ones will go yet, but they'll have a downspout of their own soon.


clodhopper said...

Can you send a container full of those rain barrels please?

PS Barn? It's a palace!

Have fun......

Irene said...

Petunia, go to
and check out a truly attractive, quality and easy to use rainbarrel, the 'Oasis'!!!