Tuesday, April 11, 2006

With Flying Buttresses!

Remember the windows? When I went out to the barn on Sunday to explore cold frame options, I also remembered we had a shower pan from the prior house bath redo. I had thought it might make a nice base for something and had stashed it behind the barn when we moved. Look how it fits the windows! Here you see the geranium starts giving it a trial run.

The side windows are just sitting on uneven stones and not yet attached. That's where the flying buttresses came in handy! My plan is to add handles to the top of the side windows and some sort of adjustable attachment between the handle and the top of the a-frame. Then the base of the side windows can be bumped out for ventilation, or the top can be leaned out. Note the scientifically calculated ventilation built into the roof line (ha ha). Some leveling of the side stones and overall polishing up to do still.

After exploring many types of hardware at the hardware store, all it took were these handy hinges and lots and lots of experimenting before settling on this simple design. Note, the prices shown were even before the discount (at Earthwise Salvage)!

This morning, there was frost on the north side and the inside was a little above freezing. The plants seem to take it ok, though. We threw a covering over the top tonight and will see what that does to the inside temperature.


Allotment Lady said...

What carpentry - very impressive - I could certainly do with some of those.

Well done.

Blackberry Gardener said...

That's a really good idea. Nice job! :)

Judith said...

excellent - that will be really useful.