Monday, April 10, 2006

Excursions: P-Patch 1

On Saturday, I visited my friend and her new p-patch plot (community garden) in Seattle for 'opening day' of gardening season. Many new patchers were being introduced to the ways of a p-patch. Always looking for ideas (and as it was too rainy to play in my garden), I visited two other p-patches to be shared later.

This is a small p-patch surrounded by houses and a school. Many people know each other and were quick to introduce themselves to anyone they didn't
recognize. My friend's plot has the purple pansies left by the prior gardener. It is around 10 feet x 15 feet.

The tool shed shown is shared by the gardeners. You can see some of the larger plots here. The one in front of the shed is around 30 feet by 10 feet, with a narrow path in the middle. In the last picture shown, the upright growth along the stepping stone path is raspberries. On the other side of the stone path are stakes for the wonderful dahlias that will grow there. Happy Gardening, J!


lilymarlene said...

I enjoyed seeing those pictures of "allotments" in the US. I have always noticed allotments when travelling, and in the past fancied doing a book of how they do it all over the world. I'm too old to start now, but should have done it, given the interest there is in allotments nowadays!

she who digs said...

Wow those raspberries are HUGE! Those on my plot are only about 2cm high at present! It's lovely to see plots in the US. It's wonderful how an interest in gardening brings people together- being a newcomer to my allotment association; I've found everyone very friendly and encouraging! SWD

Allotment No 21 said...

A round the world of allotments book would be fab.

Petunia's Gardener said...

Put together the blogger photographers, gardeners and writers and I'm sure it would be a great success! I want to do the traveling to investigate them all.