Thursday, May 24, 2012

Training Method Transfer

Hmmm... DH has picked up on my slug training methods. Now he is using them on me!

To train a slug, you simply change something enough to make their bad behavior less convenient or satisfying. For slugs who eat my seedlings, I surround the plant with ground coffee. So far, it has worked and the seedling has a chance to grow large enough to survive. I think the slugs will avoid the places with ground coffee (texture?) and stay in places without ground coffee. See these links to slug training post I and post II.

DH decided to clean out his desk drawers and bookshelf, but then went out of town before doing something with the treasures he found.   This makes it very inconvenient for me to use his desk!   Now, he will say it started with those fuses(?) I cleared out of the kitchen and left on his desk.  I agree his desk drawers are much cleaner now.

I will give him credit.  As an incentive for me to use this desk instead, he quickly set up a monitor and a key board before he left.  Usually, it is his desk looks like this.  We still have work to do on this alternative desk set-up, though.     I think I've been trained. 


Magic Cochin said...

Very funny!


Matron said...

Someone just HAS to write a thesis on training slugs! It is crying out for research.

Petunia's Gardener said...

Good idea, Matron. That's NOT in my sabbatical plan, though!