Friday, May 11, 2012

Our Kitchen Time Capsule

Just some of the items found on a convenient kitchen shelf that is supposed to hold only our address book.

2004 We moved into this house
2004 Starbucks Card I was given for a project (I used it today)
2004 Sunflower seeds from Kansas
2005 Seeds from our first, & largest, pumpkin
2006+ Geocaching treasures
2007 Coins from Japan
2008 Ferry schedule
2009 Wisteria pods from Arizona
2010 Pet license tags (the cats refuse to wear them)
2011 Shells, rocks & chestnut from a trip
2012 Iron drops from a foundry
And other assorted seeds, parts and mystery things

What will I find in the junk drawer?


Magic Cochin said...

Ha! we have shelves (and drawers) very much like this :-)

Thanks for popping over to my blog the other day.

Matron said...

I have a drawer just full of such stuff. It includes a length of hair from my favourite cow when I went on holiday on a farm in Wales when I was 10 !! I loved that cow so much I went into the parlour when she was being milked and I chopped off a length with some scissors! Nobody ever found out.. till now!