Sunday, August 16, 2009

SAGBUTT on Tiger Mountain

Yesterday, the Seattle area garden bloggers were invited to Molly's garden on Tiger Mountain to taste tomatoes. And, as it goes with SAGBUTT meetings, to talk and eat!

This is just a portion of the vegetable garden. You'll have to check out the Weed Wackin' Wenches post to see more of the pumpkins. Molly already has greens planted for fall under the white fleece. Note: The fleece is being held in place with Japanese clothes pins made to use with bamboo poles (& perfect for hoop cloches). Molly has an extra cool garden and has several strategies for helping keep the plants a little protected.

In person, we met the parent to the black pussy willow cuttings Molly brought to our first SAGBUTT meeting! It's the left half of the photo, above. I think there is a lilac neighbor on the right.

Some of the tasty & colorful tomatoes being sampled. There were many varieties, but even just these three were quite different from one another. The Italian Ice was an intriguing sight. It had a mild flavor, and a sturdy wall structure that reminded several of us of peppers.

Just a little view of the fine Northwest landscape for those of you in other parts of the world.

Thanks, Molly, for hosting the group and the fine tour, food and beverage! You have created such a nice spot there! It was so much fun hearing about your gardening & other adventures. I could have stayed on this porch for a week (although the wild life stories might have changed that - see also the Weed Wackin' photo essay).


Aerie-el said...

It was so much fun to visit with the SAGBUTT group at such a tranquil location. Did you have a preference for any one tomato?
Great post and pix about a great afternoon!

Aaron said...

It was awesome meeting everyone at SAGBUTT on Saturday! The pictures are awesome. I'm so jealous of her porch/deck!

Renee said...

I wish I could have made it to this meeting. It looks like Molly has such a beautiful garden. Hopefully I will get to meet the SAGBUTT group the next time around.

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

I've been having fun reading and seeing Molly's gardens. It really is so pretty. Her veggie beds are amazing. I'm crossing my fingers I'll make the next one, it's on a Sunday so the chances are good.

Karen said...

Hey there, good to see you and thanks so much for the garlic! It's going in a sauce for polenta as soon as it's not too hot to cook again. Love your take here, so fun to see the visit through others' eyes and hear what were highlights. I need to ask my mom if she has grown Italian ice, it's so pretty! Sorry I didn't take any Sungolds - as I suspected, she sent me home with many for the family just two days later. She also really likes Sunsweet (? I think), looks really similar but is slightly sweeter in everyone's estimation. I just have to take their word for it! :) Yes, that porch, the word doesn't even do it justice - good thing the WWW sat down on that swing; if I had, I don't think I could have ever gotten off to go home!