Saturday, August 08, 2009

August Garden Photos

A nice cool, gray day for a little garden clean up. I actually hoped these plans would bring on the rain, but no luck. I removed the peas after last week's heat ended any remaining harvest. Also removed many huge borage plants that were just too darn big &/or finished blooming. The other side of the blue trellis (photo left) has a cucumber plant that reached the top. The one on this side isn't there yet. Click on this link: Garden-Monthly Photos , to see other months.

Above, the pumpkin patch. A young visitor made this sign for me 4 years ago. I've hung it up by the entry to the pumpkin patch to keep the pumpkins inspired. There are some large pumpkins underway, but only one or two on each plant so far.

The greenhouse has only had basil, peppers and a tomato during the summer. The heat last week about did in the tomato and sent the basil into flowers. I don't know if it is this warm summer or the extra heat in the greenhouse, but the basil has been going strong all summer.

And I just discovered this lilac sweet pepper in the greenhouse! I had seen some small green peppers already, but hadn't seen this one yet.


Sheryl said...

A nice cool, gray day for a little garden clean up. I actually hoped these plans would bring on the rain, but no luck.
The Auburn Good Old Days parade today did not bring on the rain, either. It is being stubborn!

sweet bay said...

You have a very nice stand of sunflowers. I love the pumpkin sign!

Matron said...

Which varieties of pumpkins are you growing this year? I'm still hooked on the Rouge vif D'etamps that you gave me!

High Mountain Gardening (Christa) said...

You have a lovely garden. I have never seen a pepper that lilac color before.

Sunny said...

Thats awesome...I love the looks of that lilac sweet pepper...where do you find seed for that?

Petunia's Gardener said...

I thought we had rain on the way for a moment this afternoon, but no luck. Just as well for those at the Auburn days!

The purple pepper came from a growers' seedling sale this spring. I knew i wanted peppers, so thought I should try it!

I do have a Rouge vif D'etamps growing, and some sugar pie pumpkins. Then also a few a local greenhouse had on sale. I think they are typical pumpkins for jack-o-laterns (this greenhouse grows their own to sell for halloween also, so I think this is the same variety).