Saturday, May 16, 2009

It's Time!

My neighbor spotted this volunteer sunflower in my garden last night. To me, this signals the time for planting more sunflower seeds as needed. Last year, we found the first ones in late April.

I think this will be a red & yellow petaled flower, like this one.
It could be all red, like this one. I can tell because the stalk and leaves have darker shades than all yellow sunflowers.


Sheryl said...

Huh, I did not realize that sunflower petals were any color other than yellow (with red).

Matron said...

Just when my sunflower was maturing last year, a squirrel (an American squirrell!) climbed up the stalk and chewed off the seed head and ran away with it! grrr

Log Homes said...

Great blog post! I love learning about this online as gardening/landscaping are not only hobbies of mine but I actually do a little bit of work like that during the summer months as a second job. I appreciate your content in your blog and wish that you would keep up the good work :)

Karen said...

It's pretty funny how they just show up wherever. I often discover some under the pea trellis once I take it down. Not so many in my garden this season, I need to plant more but I'm behind with seeding, too much else to do (like watering, ugh!)