Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Welcomed Sight

The first sunflower of 2008 (& a volunteer). I'm back in the garden, but not quite back in the swing of things. DH hurt his knee while I was away and I've been pulled into lawn cutting (I vote to let more of it just grow). The nice weather (yeah!) has encouraged everything to grow.

Harvested some of the too crowded beets tonight! ...adding to the peas and broccoli we've been eating.


Matron said...

Even though "I don't do flowers.." that is a cheery sight to see - makes me smile :-)

Libbys Blog said...

As nice as freshly picked veg is, you can't beat a sunflower!!!!!! Such a cheerful flower, always makes me smile!!

easygardener@gmail.com said...

Cutting a lawn was never my favourite thing , which is why I gradually got rid of mine.
That's a very sunny sunflower!

Weed Whackin' Wenches said...

Bright and sunny! Our sunflowers are big and healthy but not blooming yet. I fantasize about pulling up our entire lawn and turning it into veggie beds. It makes me very happy to think about this.