Wednesday, January 14, 2009

January 2009 Garden Photo

This is a misty January 2009 view, vs. the clear sky January 2008 view. This year, I trimmed up the herbs around the bird bath a lot more, and really need to do some thinning in the herb bed this year. The leaves I'm "composting in place" need to be spread around to more bed, and eventually dug in some. It is just to wet right now.

Click on the label, below, to see monthly garden photos throughout the year. How hard it is to remember even August 2008. And 2008 was such an odd summer. The flowers and herbs were content, but the beans and many other vegetables where just not very happy.

After the cold weather and the cloche collapse, everything but a few weeds where brown. On Sunday, I noticed the first green shoots of chives from the cloche area!


Aerie-el said...

Hooray, signs of life in your garden after the brutal weather! I'm hoping to get outside and see what survived tomorrow...I'm bracing myself for the worst...

Matron said...

So heartening to see green shoots this time of year. Gives hope that Spring is just round the corner. I see that your snow has melted now.

Libby said...

I get excited planning at this time of year!!!

Wolf said...


it is a really nice idea to perform monthly fotos. I myself have a gardenblog and I show my garden. I started in this april 09to write and to show fotos.
How much changes can be seen in the first months of the year. Next year I will ad fotos from January up to March.

A garden friend from Germany