Monday, August 04, 2008

It's August?

August 2nd in the garden, a cloudy day good for some time in the garden. That lavender spiky stuff in the back, right hand side is Emily's catnip! It has to be 6 feet tall. See this link to her gardening start. Guess the secret to catnip is protecting it from too much love in its first season.

The peas are the clump in front of the climber in the far back of the garden. I didn't try to keep them climbing up the climber, as I thought they were done, but I still have blossoms. They are Sugar Snap peas. They grow much taller than the peas I've grown in the past. They took longer to start producing, but have lasted longer also.

You cannot really see the beans growing up the back part of the climber. Several vines are close to the top and they've now starting blooming (but have lots of filling out to do still, see here).

The only encouragement in the pumpkin patch is that I can see growth from this photo on Saturday to today! But see this link for Aug. 2, 2007! Pumpkins are only second to Sunflowers in my book. Will they make it to orange?


easygardener said...

I've always lost the catnip in my garden. Even when I protected it with an upended hanging basket my three cats reached through and tore it up or dragged the basket off. I think they worked together in a gang! I might try again with a more substantial cover like yours.

Matron said...

The more modern varieties of pea tend to be shorter and more convenient to pick, however it doesn't take much for them to revert back to the older varieties which went up to 8ft tall and beyond! I hope your pumpkins get a move on! I think they just like hot, bright sunshine and if like over here we have had quite a bit of cloud - maybe they are having a rest. My Delicata are doing really well!!

Libbys Blog said...

I've had loads and loads of sweetpeas, they have such a wonderful smell!!
I haven't the room for pumpkins, but I grow something called Gem Squash, small green, squash and very yummy!

Weed Whackin' Wenches said...

For what it's worth, your pumpkins look enormous compared to ours.