Saturday, August 25, 2007

Tunnel Cloche Dreams

Wouldn't this cloche look nice in Petunia's Garden? This photo is from a Seattle P-Patch (community garden) I stopped by last weekend. My zucchini would like one of these now if it doesn't warm up again soon. The tall tomatoes on the left side of the photo are inside the cloche. The plastic covering has just been cut away when they grew too tall. I hope to have one of these in place by the end of Sept. (Hint, hint to DH who was traveling when I took this photo.)
The gardener used T-connectors to attach PVC conduit "ribs" going from side to side with a "spine" along the top of the cloche. I like how sturdy this design made the cloche.
Then, on the ground along each side of the bed is a 2x4 with holes drilled in it and the "ribs" inserted in the holes. This keeps them straight and evenly spaced. The plastic covering was held on by clips. Some look like what I've seen for sale for this purpose and some looked to be sliced pieces of PVC pipes. So now the question will be "September this year or next?"


RUTH said...

This September for sure! Keep hinting to DH...after all the pice will probably go up next year :o)

Molly said...

You should come see my cloches! Plastic pipe instead of pvc and pipe clamps screwed to the outside of the raised bed frame. So easy I didn't have to wait for the undergardener to have time to help me! :)

Petunia's Gardener said...

Ruth, you know it! More time to plan in special features to add to the design.

Molly, I think we had a brief shot of yours on your blog and they were indeed inspiring. I could probably manage a set-up on my own, but projects like this is quality time together! DH does like to protest so that's just part of the game.

Ali said...

I have a hoop set up I love using pvc pipe and rebar, which is readily moveable from one bed to another. We've got 2 and will add another nest spring.