Sunday, September 02, 2007

September 1st Garden

This spring, we used landscape stones from other places around the property to make "endcaps" for the garden beds. See this May 15th post for how it looked then. My raised beds don't have boards around them, but I found it very helpful to have the stone endcaps between the beds and the grass (there is no grass in between the beds). Above, are the east ends of the beds.
Here, above, are the west ends of the beds as the late afternoon shadows move in.
And this is from the northwest corner looking south (most of my garden photos are from the gate facing north, instead). Zucchini in the bottom of the photo, bean structure on the left. In the middle of the garden is the wall of tomatoes (mostly green, except for the Sungold). The sunflowers, dill, calandula and hyssop from my last post are on the other side of this wall of tomatoes. You can see the bright red/pink stalks of the Swiss Chard also. We are still making salads from this spring planting, but now I also have new chard seedlings growing for the fall.

Click on the label "Garden-Monthly Photos" for earlier views including snowy January.


LostRoses said...

I'm still admiring your endcaps, and your beds are wonderful! Amazing how they fill in, isn't it?

RUTH said...

I remember admiring your endcaps. Your garden looks beautiful; so many wonderful plants. Well done :o) Your love of gardening shines through in these photos.

Diana said...

Your garden is beautiful! How do you keep the grass out of the rock edging? My rock stacked beds were full of grass creeping in and I spent 8+ hours last week pulling weeds and grass.... You can see some pictures of my garden and my tomato-robbing dog at I hope you'll come visit and link me!

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Now this is fun! I really enjoyed looking at all the pics from your garden. Nice overviews that give me a much better idea of what your garden looks like. Thanks!

BTW In my kitchen garden all beds are surrounded by concrete slabs. That gives me great acces and it helps to keep the plants in check. ;-)

clodhopper said...

Your garden looks wonderful....I could sit there all day in the fall sunshine admiring everything. How big is it exactly?

an envious clod