Thursday, August 09, 2007

Emily's Garden Update

The other gardener likes to get input about growing things (& she needs it too). Remember how my garden looked in early July? Here is the link to Emily's Garden if you've forgotten. Here is how it looks now.... It's simple really. First, carefully check out the situation and make sure the rabbit isn't hiding in there.
Determine which parts just need a good cleaning. Take your time.
And which parts must be chomped. Then do it! Easy as that. And soon your garden will look as good as mine.


RUTH said...

It's grown really quickly since June and Emily certainly seems to love it :o)

teresa said...

aww. i love how she's holding the leaves. i can't believe how much it has grown! maybe i will start one for my kitty too

Anonymous said...

Where would our gardens be without our darling gardening companions? It's hard to find a good pair of chompers at the Lowe's, you know... LOL!