Sunday, July 29, 2007

Thanks, Just What I Needed!

A gardener is never 'without' for long if another gardener is around. I have a shortage of cosmos this year. Only one plant seems to have grown and it isn't to the blooming stage yet. Last year had an abundance of them. As you can see above, though, I've had a recent fix!

Yesterday, I helped staff an information booth at the Renton River Days festival for Way Back Inn, a nonprofit that provides transitional housing for homeless families with children. While hunting for the street where I had parked my car, I realized I was close to the Renton Community Garden. I had visited before, but not this year. I didn't have my camera, but here is a recent article about it (hmmm... I wonder if they have greenhouse spots available).

First, I visited with a couple that were using hoop coverings to encourage those heat loving vegetables that stall out in our cool early summers. I hope to add some in the fall to extend the season so I'm gathering ideas. If this couple visits this blog, I hope they will e-mail me at spetunia(dot)msn(dot)com, especially if they would like to try burlap green coffee bags for weed blocking pathways or beds.

Then, when I admired another gardener's cosmos, she offered me some cuttings! She said no one plants them any more. They just appear everywhere and sometimes have to be discouraged. She always leaves some, though, as the bees like it so much (this is how borage is in my garden). So, now I have some bright cosmos spots in my summer bouquet.


Anita said...

That bouquet of flowers just cheered me up on a very rainy day! Unfortunately, I have no luck with my cosmos this year, too. I have some white ones but this summer, they are not at all as tall as they were last year. But I guess it's just my fault, i sowed too many seeds at one place and the seedlings did not really have enough space to grow as they would like to grow....

My most favourite annuals this year are zinnias! I have a whole border full of them and I will allow myself to cut a part of them for nice bouquets!

Happy gardening, Paula!

Best wishes from Germany,

Allotment Lady said...

What a lovely bouquet and how nice to get some cosmos - wonderful flowers. Ours are only annuals here - they don't survive the winters - and like you, mine were not successful this year - they didn't like the cold and rains.

RUTH said...

Cosmos are classed as annuals here; I always like to grow a few and have some in flower at the moment. What a lovely boquet and what a good cause you give help to.

Petunia's Gardener said...

Thanks for stopping by, ladies! Cosmos are warm weather loving annuals here too. I suspect mine were victims of the cool weather. Last year, I do think I had some started in pots rather than directly in the garden. That Renton garden must have nice conditions for them and they return from seeds dropped the prior year. (they did that for me in AL too, but not in my WA garden.)

Anita, your calendula is blooming very nicely in my garden now. Isn't it great that a differnt flower will take over when another one takes a break!

Catherine said...

Beautiful site..beautiful flowers...I ususally don't have much luck with cosmo's...this year however they are has been soooo HOT lately ~they seem to be about the only thing blooming!! Enjoyed my first visit...I will be back!